Thermion Outlaw Booster/ Delay

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Thermion - auf höchstem Niveau handgefertigte Pedale und Verstärker aus Spanien.

Have you ever missed something during your solos that lets you stand out in the mix, creating complex atmospheres, all packed in a simple and portable solution? Outlaw is your ultimate soloing tool.

Get the volume boost and the ambience you need to create the most detailed and mix-cutting soloing tones.

Packed with three different repetition characters and a tails mode, Outlaw allows a perfect integration in your setup thanks to its external switching capability. Simply, connect it through the effects loop of your amp or before the reverb effects in your signal chain and use it as a solo mode.

If you want a portable, analog sounding, robust and versatile delay with an integrated volume booster, able to push your tone to the next level, get an Outlaw.


Volume boost control.
Time, feedback and mix delay controls.
Tails character three-way switch.
Tails mode, to keep tails sounding when the effect is deactivated.
External switch jack input for remote controlling.

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A versatile and exclusive effect with unique tone. A portable solution to stand out during your solos. A remotely controlled soling tool, easy to integrate in your setup. A complex analog sounding versatile delay. A delay with easily accessible tails mode.

Technical specifications

Tails (On/Off)
Character (Normal, Bright, Dark)
External SwitchPowerStandard pedal power: 9V ‘center negative’ 2.1mm DC jackProtectionPolarity inversion
AC connection
Momentary OvervoltageFeaturesTrue Bypass mode (while tails are Off)
Buffered mode (while tails are On)
Three different tails character.
Externally switchable via latching footswitch. Anodized metal printing for maximum durability.

Wired, soldered and built by hand according to our quality standards.Max current consumption100mAImpedancesInput>1MΩOutput<1kΩDimensions and WeightDimensions (WxHxD)7x11x5cmWeight250gr

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