Thermion Uprising Booster

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Thermion - auf höchstem Niveau handgefertigte Pedale und Verstärker aus Spanien.

Do you miss gain and punch on your amplifier, or do you want to shape your tone without giving up the most natural overdrive? Here’s Uprising.

Uprising is the dual booster that faithfully recreates the behavior of a tube gain stage. Whether you want an effective tool to give personality to your tone, an organic sounding overdrive or a booster that savagely pushes your distortion, Uprising dares everything.

Discover its enormous versatility with three different gain modes and two output volumes, to use in your rhythmic and solo passages.

If you want an organic sounding, robust and versatile booster, able to push your tone to the next level, get a Uprising.


EQ controls: Lo Cut (low frequencies cut), Hi Boost (high frequencies boost).
Three way switch with three gain modes: high, mid and low.
Gain control, dual footswitchable output volume (level G, level R).
True bypass.

You'll like it if you look for...

You are looking for a versatile, exclusive effect with unique tone. You like organic sounding overdrive. You want an always active booster for shaping your tone, being able to increase its output level in solo passages. You are looking for a booster to turn the crunch of any amplifier into a heavy distortion. You want to shape the tone of a hollow body guitar, avoiding excessive bass rumble and feedback.

Technical specifications

Hi Boost
Lo Cut
Level G
Level R
Boost (Low/Mid/High)
Standard pedal power: 9V ‘center negative’ 2.1mm DC
Polarity inversion
AC connection
Momentary Overvoltage
True Bypass.
Three different gain modes.
Two footswitchable output volumes.
Anodized metal printing for maximum durability.
Wired, soldered and built by hand according to our quality standards.
Max current consumption
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (WxHxD)10x12x5cm

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